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 Food For Thought Plays -
 Mentoring Thru The Arts Stage Series   
       Introduces the Launch of
                                                  'FRAGRANCE OF LIFE'
Drinking and Driving is a decision that affects community, ultimately humanity.
Drinking and Driving seems to be just another activity that takes place on any given
day in the life of some teenagers.                                                          written by
                                                         Phyllis Helene
                     A play that tells the story of High School Seniors who            
                     learn the hard way that Drinking and Driving can cause
                     someone to lose their head. Veronica Wayne and her
                     friends discover that as Human Beings we are connected
                     by the choices we make.
      "We're just having fun"  "It's our Spring BreaK" "This is our Prom night"  
       "It's Summer  vacation baby, let's party"  and "Lets get our drink on"
         are some of the things we hear young adults say.
  Please purchase a copy for the teens you love. 
  Xlibris Book Store  E-Book Format $9.99
  Kindly Host a FRAGRANCE OF LIFE Luncheon or Dinner for the Young Adult
  in your life.  Answer the questions in the back of the play to assist in dialogue.
 Let's Lovingly Help our Youth  Raise their Consciousness. I hope this literary
 play series echoes loud and clear in the souls of Young Adults to be conscious of
 their choices.
  Dear Young Adults;
  Please understand that you can get into something that takes 15 
  minutes, which can take you 15 years or a lifetime to get out of.
  Please understand that the decisions you make today will determine
  the quality of life you live tomorrow.
                               Drinking and Driving is not an option!
                              Teens and Alcohol equals a dangerous combination!!
FRAGRANCE OF LIFE 2010 Play Trailer
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